About Us

Aappakadai is a perfect blend of an aromatic and flavorful journey introduced to Northern California, United States, with the thought of raising the taste and flavors of Aappam. It all started with a small team of experienced and passionate chefs who wanted everyone to indulge in the tantalizing flavors of South Indian Chettinad Food.

Chettinad has become synonymous with fiery cuisine that sets your taste buds on fire. Chettinad cuisine is all about the interplay between spices than just gravies dunked with chilli powder or spicy masalas. Freshly ground pepper and chilli powder are usually used in equal proportion in most dishes.

The recipes of Aappakadai come from the spice racks of the Grandmother. The original recipes are closely guarded and followed. The humble roots have never been forgotten. Traditionally fresh and hot home-made 'Aappam' was sold as a breakfast dish in Chettinad's streets.


Founded by Mr. Kalidoss Raju, Aappakadai came into existence a decade ago, i.e., 2010. Being a foodie himself, Mr. Raju wanted to bring in the flavors of Chettinad cuisine to the US residents. He recalls visiting various roadside eateries and restaurants back in his town to watch the chefs at work and observe the ingredients they would add to the dish while trying out new dishes.

“There's something about Chettinad cuisine that reminds me of the food mom and grandma used to prepare. It's 'homely.' Although it may be a tad oily and spicy before you even dig into the food, the aromatic taste; it is appetizing, and you can't wait to try the dish," he says.

To introduce to the Chettinad cuisine's authentic flavors in the US, Mr. Raju unravels the secret and takes you through a culinary journey of Chettinad. He continues, "Many foreigners who visit the hotel often tell me that the food is not spicy enough. I have to explain to them that this is what Chettinad cuisine is all about. The food back in my hometown is often milder." According to Mr. Raju, Chettinad cuisine has rich and intense history as it reflects the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu, where the trading community of Chettiars lives. It is known for its liberal use of spices.


Our Story

Aappakadai was started with the thought of introducing the taste and flavors of Aappam to Northern California, United States. Aappakadai was started with a small team of experienced chefs who are passionate about South Indian Chettinad Food. The recipes of Aappakadai come from the spice racks of the Grandmother. Traditionally fresh and hot home-made ‘Aappam’ were sold by Aappakadai as a breakfast dish in the streets of Chettinad. ‘Aappam’ is a specialty dish from the Chettinad, made of fermented rice flour. Traditionally Aappam is served with coconut milk. But Aappakadai serves Aappam with various Chettinad spicy dishes like Goat Paaya...